Gigantic Photo Prints by Andreas Gursky

A photograph by Andreas Gursky of an Amazon distribution centerAmazon


Photographer Andreas Gursky is known for his gigantic photo prints of landscapes and architectural features. Gursky tends to photograph his subjects from high vantage points, offering panoramic viewpoints of his subjects.


Gursky’s works often showcase interiors or exteriors with similar forms that appear in repeating patterns. His recent photographs, for example, include interior images of an Amazon distribution center and a department store, as well as a shot of the waves of solar panels at Les Mées solar farm in France. These wide, expansive views are taken in high enough resolution that the viewer can still make out minute details, making these ideal for long, quiet contemplation.


A photograph by Andreas Gursky of Les Mees solar farm

Les Mées 


The artist also includes human figures in his work, such as in Review, which features four figures viewing a Barnett Newman work. This piece, shot from behind to showcase the painting, is an interesting photographic exercise that almost serves to compare Gursky’s own work to that of Newman – both working on a massive, monumental scale, though with decidedly different outcomes.


A photograph by Andreas Gursky featuring a Barnett Newman workReview

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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