Sleek and Modern Sensibility: Styling by Karen Kleber

A photo of a musician wearing smart black clothesHarmony Keeney

Fashion stylist Karen Kleber has over two decades of experience dressing both celebrities and private clients. Karen's styles have a sleek and modern sensibility, fitting perfectly on both the red carpet and in advertising.


A photograph of Talia Balsam styled by Karen KleberTalia Balsam  HBO "Divorce", 2016


In our previous feature of Karen’s work, we focused on her sense of color and clean lines. The stylist has a good sense of focus on her design choices, frequently opting for outfits that focus on black and white or neutral colors, then adding a pop of a more saturated hue. In some cases, a monochromatic color is the focus, with black and white accents.


Karen Kleber's online portfolio of red carpet stylingKaren's red carpet gallery


Karen also creates looks for red carpets – her portfolio features her styles on attendees of events including the Oscars, film premiers and film festivals. In each case, Karen works directly with the client to create a look that is not only fashionable, but suits the client’s personal tastes and sense of style. The heart of Karen’s unique stylistic approach is to ensure that each client is comfortable in their clothing.

A fashion photo of a model in a white coat in front of a black horseUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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