Moons, Flowers and Portraiture: Art by Amber MacGregor

A painting of the moon on a black backgroundMoon Portrait 1, acrylic on linen

Amber MacGregor is an artist based in Vancouver, BC. MacGregor’s paintings have a dreamlike quality to them that ranges from peaceful to psychedelic. With subject matter like moons, flowers and portraiture dominating her portfolio, Amber cultivates an inviting, mysterious mood for her artworks.


A painting of a boy dressed as a fox on the moonIridum Russet


I’m really charmed by Amber’s recent series of “Moonkhins” – portraits of small, large-eyed figures that sometimes look like children in costumes, and other times like classic movie monsters made cute. Each portrait features a single figure on a background that looks like a cartoon depiction of the surface of the moon. As a series, these works offer a wonderful sense of narrative and look like they’d be at home in the pages of a children’s storybook.


A screen capture of Amber MacGregor's art websiteThe front page of Amber's website

Amber seems to have a general affection for paintings that focus on a central figure with a neutral background. Her moon paintings, for example, showcase various colorful moons floating on monochromatic expanses. In her Butterflies series, the colorful insects are also presented as central subjects depicted scientifically, as if pinned onto hexagonal, single-toned boards.


A painting of a butterfly on a hexagonal boardpeacock butterfly, acrylic on hexagonal board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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