Colorful Constructions: Art by Kelsey Kimmel

A sculpture in which a chair is turned into a shelfRepurposed Chair Shelf, wood, paint

Kelsey Kimmel is an installation artist currently living in the Los Angeles area. Kelsey’s colorful constructions often feature mundane objects and materials that have been manipulated into fantastic shapes and designs.


A furniture object made from wood in varying statesGeometric Tree Fixture, wood, partcleboard, discarded tree bird, acrylic paint


In our previous feature of Kelsey’s work, we looked specifically at the artist’s neon assemblages, some of which were produced for the artist’s MA thesis show. These works tend to feature numerous different raw materials like Styrofoam, epoxy spray and rubber, lumped together into oddly-shaped items that are at once inviting and confounding.


A gallery of sculptures on Kelsey Kimmel's art websiteKelsey's Display/Fixtures gallery

In 2014 and 2015, Kelsey produced a series of works under the titled Display/Fixtures. These works serve as challenging disruptions of recognizable objects like furniture and small household knick-knacks. The resulting works range from odd arrangements of normal household goods to bizarrely constructed furniture pieces that at first glance appear functional, but upon closer inspection prove to be catastrophically odd. For all this, the works are charming and serve to confuse the viewer in the best way possible. 


A wall-hanging work made from books and a frameBooks-Frame

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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