Room for the Unexpected: Art by Diana Lynn

An acrylic painting of a chameleondesert chameleon, acrylic on canvas

Diana Lynn creates installation, painting and photography while leaving room for the unexpected in each work. The subject matter of Diana’s works is subtle and often blends recognizable imagery with more intuitive concepts.

A painting of a symbolic entryway and desert creaturesLeaving my father's house, acrylic and oil on canvas

In her current series, Revealed, Diana is creating paintings of animals on a substrate of camouflage-patterned cloth. While the camouflage pattern is only subtly visible once covered in paint, knowing that it’s hidden there, under the painted image, is enough to add an interesting layer of thoughtfulness to the viewing experience. Stylistically, the works in the series thus far have an aesthetic that seems to reference ancient, traditional painting styles with a focus on defined shape and central figures.


A screen capture of Diana Lynn's art

Recently Diana spent also some time working with photography, creating a series titled Witness: Intimate Passages of Birth and Death. These stark portraits of people in vulnerable moments are reminiscent of some of Michael Matthew Woodlee’s works, in which figures in mundane spaces stare into the camera lens, and at the viewer. 


A diptych of two photographs featuring a child and an old womanTired (From the series Witness: Intimate Passages of Life and Death)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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