Moody Figurative Paintings by Ariel Lyons

A painting of a white statue on a blue backgroundUltramarine, acrylic

Ariel Lyons currently lives and works in Ottawa, creating moody figurative paintings that seem intent on capturing the soul of their human subjects. Ariel is also an educator for Golden brand acrylic paints, and spends time teaching art and painting techniques.


A painting of a distant spire on a mountainDistant Vision, acrylic on canvas


I really enjoy Ariel’s recent series of Camino paintings. Each of these works was inspired by a different sight that the artist encountered while walking the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain. The nature of the subject matter means that the artist’s paintings range from expansive landscapes to portraiture, with still-life paintings of objects in-between.


Ariel Lyons' online painting galleryAriel's gallery of Camino paintings


Ariel’s painting style lends itself quite well to her subject matter. Brief, impressionist-style portraits and landscape views are saturated with color, in a loose painting style that focuses more on saturated color and gestural shapes than on getting the details exactly right. These Camino paintings, in particular, take on the feeling of fond memories, where only the best or most exciting parts can be recalled. 

A painting of a man in profile viewCompanion, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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