Sturdy Materials: Art by Jeff Grassie

A carved wood sculpture preserving the natural look of the woodInto the Deep, salvaged fallen wood

Jeff Grassie is a self-taught artist who works in a wide range of media and styles. His recent pieces often feature earthy colors and tough, sturdy materials such as wood and metal.


A piece of salvaged swamp wood turned into a sculptureBreathing Fire, salvaged swamp wood

Jeff’s gallery of recent works offers up a good cross-section of the artist’s personal sense of creativity. The works in this gallery are both two and three-dimensional, and often incorporate elements of raw wood. I really like the sculptures that Jeff has displayed in this series – chunks of salvaged wood are polished and celebrated for their natural, imperfect forms, allowing the viewer to examine every detail of the tree’s formation.


The front page of Jeff Grassie's art websiteThe front page of Jeff''s website


Other, two-dimensional works are made from mixed media on board. These pieces are made up of many complex, clustered marks that come together to create a simple, abstract form across a gallery board. The mixed media looks as though it might include wood, stones and metal, adding to the constructed aesthetic of an antique machine or ornate piece of furniture. 


A mixed media work made from earth-toned woodResurrect, mixed media on plywood

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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