An Emphasis on Color: Art by Karen Muntean

An abstract painting with thick, colored linesSpring Energia, acrylic on canvas

Karen Muntean grew up in Idaho before moving the South Coast of British Columbia. Currently working in Victoria, Karen creates both abstract and figurative works with an emphasis on color.


A painting with bright colors and overlapping round elongated formsSummer Energia, acrylic on canvas

I’m really taken by Karen’s Energia series. The works in this series are abstract, all based off a similar compositional technique of thick, rounded, undulating lines snaking across a monochromatic or color-wash background. Sometimes the lines themselves are colored, and they are applied in varying lengths, though they never intersect. There is something about the movement of these forms that reminds of Keith Haring’s style.


The gallery of prints on Karen Muntean's art websiteKaren's gallery of prints


In her Arabesques series, Karen utilizes a similar technique of layering, though with a more complex blend of stylized floral and geometric elements. I also really enjoy the selection of prints that Karen includes in her portfolio. These prints are figurative, stylized with heavy outlines and simplified color schemes for a modern, graphic look. 


A painting with geometric color patterns overlaid by floral formsDancing Arabesque, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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