McBreezy: Comics by Stephanie McBryde

A drawing of the character McBreezy with pieartist and pie

Stephanie McBryde is the creator of McBreezy, a fictional character that inhabit a simply-drawn world. Originally designed for a homework project as part of a hospice support group, each new scene that McBreezy appears in spreads a warm message of inner peace.


A drawing of McBreezy sitting on the moonhome sweet home

I find the style in which McBreezy is drawn to be quite endearing. While it leans toward the naïve, mimicking the drawings of a child, on closer inspection the works are made with a careful eye for detail and a great sense of illustrative composition. The character McBreezy is intended to be a 10-year-old girl, and the figure is accordingly childlike.


A screen capture of McBreezy's art


Many of McBreezy’s adventures also incorporate text, frequently in the form of inspirational quotes. All of the images have a clear intent to promote happiness and mental wellbeing. The artist also creates custom commissions and sells McBreezy works through her Etsy page. Though the message is less zany and more meditative, McBreezy’s existence is slightly reminiscent of Sam Meisner’s character, George. 


A drawing of McBreezy encouraging the viewer to help othersothers

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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