Inspired by Street Art: Con$umer

A stencil spray painting of the statue of libertyDeath of Liberty, stencils and spray paint on canvas

Con$umer is a self-taught artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by street art and pop art, Con$umer uses techniques of image appropriation, collage and painting to create art that is at once critical and celebratory of modern society.


A stencil painting by Con$umerLovespray, stencils and acrylic spray paints on canvas


I find the artist’s series of Banksy Collages rather interesting. In these works, he creates a substrate of collaged newspaper clippings or patterned paper, topping each work with an appropriated stencil of an artwork by Banksy. In some works, like Mona Lisa Arms Dealer, the newspaper clippings that make up the background seem tangentially related to the image, adding an extra layer of meaning to the existing artwork.


A screen capture of Con$umer's art websiteCon$umer's website front page


Con$umer’s original artworks are often similar in style to street artists such as Banksy – stark, black stenciled figures with ironic, somewhat nihilistic themes appear throughout his portfolio. Created on canvas, the works do a good job of capturing a particular aesthetic, with Con$umer’s own personal twist. 


An artwork with a stencil referencing a Banksy workMona Lisa Arms Dealer, collage, stencils and spray paint on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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