Looks for Live Theatre: Costumes by Kathryn Burton Cover

A photo of a performance of Oklahoma, with costumes by Kathryn Burton Cover"Oklahoma," Northwest Missouri State University

Currently based in Weeping Water, New England, Kathryn Burton Cover is a costumer who creates looks for live theatre. Kathryn’s portfolio includes costumes for both men and women, in modern and period styles.


A handmade 1880's evening dress1880's evening dress, flat patterned

Kathryn’s costuming work has been used in various productions including productions of Shakespeare plays, restaged Broadway acts and operas. In each production, the artist selects the best fabrics and styles to fit not only the setting of the story, but the tone of the individual production. I love seeing galleries of Kathryn’s work for productions like South Pacific (set in the 1940s), contrasted with costumes for a production like Les Miserables (set in the early 1800s). Both productions feature creative costuming that appears believably period-accurate, adding to the atmosphere of the play.


The front page of Kathryn Burton Cover's websiteKathryn's portfolio website


Kathryn’s portfolio also showcases the artist’s work with individual pieces and materials. One gallery, for example, shows a couple different examples of illuminated head dresses. Another showcases the artist’s leatherwork. These examples show Kathryn’s skill and versatility, two essential traits of a good costume artist. 


A photo of three Victorian-style hats made for a theatrical performanceVarious Victorian hats

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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