Santa Clara Pueblo Ceramics by Madeline E. Naranjo

A ceramic work in natural red clay with lizard carvingsLizards holding hands

Madeline E. Naranjo is an artist based in Espanola, New Mexico. Specializing in pottery, Madeline creates stunning, sleek Santa Clara Pueblo ceramics.


A black clay pot with a parrot carved into itParrots (another view)

I love the simple, earthy colors that Madeline uses for the basis of her pots. Patterns and visual details are created by carving directly into the surface of dried pots, prior to glazing and firing. The resulting pots feature deep, carved trenches that form beautiful, ornate patterns while adding an element of texture and breaking up the glazed surface.


A screen capture of Madeline E. Naranjo's art websiteMadeline's gallery of work

Each of Madeline’s pots is monochromatic, with the entire surface and inside either warm terra-cotta, or black. The way the artist leaves certain elements matte while adding a shiny coat of glaze to other areas creates a contrast in the color scheme. With subject matter that references the New Mexico landscape as well as Pueblo traditions and figures, these pots are a beautiful, modern take on a long-practiced art form. 


A clay pot with floral print and hummingbird carvingsFlowers and hummingbirds

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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