Emotional, Cathartic Undertone: Art by Mike Salcido

An abstract painting by Mike SalcidoIn The Evidence Of Its Brilliance, acrylic on panel with high-gloss finish

Mike Salcido is a painter currently based in Dallas, Texas. His works are abstract and frequently feature huge splashes of color with an emotional, cathartic undertone.


An abstract painting with tones of orangeThere Is A Light...Above My Head, acrylic on panel

As Mike talks about in his artist’s statement, his paintings sometimes serve as a therapeutic outlet for the stress of everyday life. I like that Mike creates this outlet in the form of abstract paintings, thereby allowing his viewers to share in that experience. The artist’s recent works frequently feature one or two base colors that make up the entire canvas, with details painted in shades of similar or contrasting hues.


A screen capture of Mike Salcido's art websiteThe front page of Mike's website portfolio

I particularly enjoy the works in which Mike creates something of a false horizon line, by adding a horizontal form in or near the center of his canvas. Paired with the heavily textured layers of painting, this technique creates a natural look for each work, where the viewer can spot the suggestions of landscapes or other forms. 


An abstract painting with a red and orange form in a blue backgroundTree Of Life, acrylic on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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