Painterly Depictions: Art by Bryan Coombes

A painting of sparks flying out of a campfireFire Focus, acrylic on canvas

Painter Bryan Coombes creates detailed, painterly depictions of everything from landscapes to cars. Often painting directly from observation, Bryan has a great eye for color and texture.


A painting of a school busUntitled, sketch

Bryan’s works often feature planes and automobiles.  I enjoy the way that Bryan tailors his painting style to suit the relatively smooth, shiny texture of these metal machines – airplanes, in particular, are rendered with a beautiful metallic gleam, without the artist ever touching a tube of metallic paint.


A gallery of paintings on Bryan Coombes' art websiteBryan's gallery, Stuff I Like on his website


Many of Bryan’s works are created en plein air, with the artist working outdoors, standing in the landscape that he’s busy painting. I think the effect of being surrounded by the scenery really shows itself in Bryan’s finished paintings. Though his painting style is not photorealistic, he does a great job of capturing texture and temperature, putting the viewer right in the scene with him. 


A painting of the flame in a hot air balloonFire In The Sky, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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