Intensely Busy Works of Art by Portia Munson

A detail photo of an installation by Portia MunsonThe Garden (detail), found/recycled, manufactured synthetic and plastic floral and garden related stuff along with salvaged floral bedroom furnishings


Catskill, New York-based artist Portia Munson creates intensely busy works of art that explore ideals of modern consumer culture through a feminist lens. Munson creates works in paint, print media, installation and more.


An installation made up of blue plastic objectsReflecting Pool, found blue plastic (installation view at PPOW Gallery)

I’m really amazed by the selection of installation works that Munson offers on her website. Many take the form of monochromatic collections of vast numbers of similar, mundane objects. The objects in question are often cheap and plastic, with everything from gardening tools to children’s toys to toiletries represented. Munson’s chaotic yet meaningful presentation reminds of the work of Bodgan Cheta.


Munson also creates fascinating prints by arranging flowers on a flatbed scanner – an interesting take on the idea of a flower arrangement. I find her Mandalas particularly intriguing. For these prints, Munson layers flower petals in a round, patterned arrangement, allowing bits of dust and pollen to make contact with the scanner, adding an interesting element of imperfection. 

A photograph of flowers arranged on a scannerHyacinth Rain, digital scan of various flowers and leaves

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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