Solitary Figures: Art by Malcolm T. Liepke

A painting of a young woman lying on a blue floorBlue Angel 1, oil on canvas

Malcolm T. Liepke is a painter originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Liepke’s works are primarily figurative, usually focusing on solitary figures, though occasionally depicting a scene with more than one person.


A painting of a woman holding a cigaretteEnd of Day, oil on canvas

I find Liepke’s style of painting quite inviting. The artist paints in a gestural, flowing style that celebrates his hand and presence in each work. Many of Liepke’s works focus on faces, even those that depict the figure’s entire body. Liepke himself has said that he prefers figurative work in part because of the emotional impact that can be conveyed and gleaned through a human face.


Though his style is loose, Liepke’s attention to detail never wavers. Each painting seems almost like a particularly expert life drawing, with the model or models captured forever in a moment of dynamic movement or feeling. Lighting and shadow are utilized to their full potential, with no need for outlines or sharply defined backgrounds. 


A painting of a young woman in a cloud of balloons and confettiBalloons and Confetti, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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