Futuristic Schematics: Art and Design by Ash Thorp

An illustration for Ash Thorp's project Lost BoyIllustration for Lost Boy

Ash Thorp is a graphic designer, illustrator and digital artist who has worked on a number of video games and films. Ash’s work tends to have a gritty tone favoring futuristic schematics and computer graphics.


A digital reel of Thorp's work thus far


Because of the collaborative nature of Thorp’s work, he often takes on different roles in each project, leading to a finished product that may look drastically different from the last. He has created and helped create a number of short films, all of which seem to have running parallels of a sci-fi dystopian world and aesthetic.


In some cases, Thorp has helped create certain digital sequences for films, such as the Amazing Spider Man 2. For this film, Thorp was part of a team of artist that designed and rendered the schematic imagery that featured in the credits. I like that whatever Thorp is doing, he seems to favor the appearance of clearly digital media, rather than digital renders that attempt to make thing seem ultra-realistic. 


A still from the end credits of Amazing Spider Man 2End credits concept design still for Amazing Spider Man 2

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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