Headlines: Female Artists, Mississippi Grants, Beyoncé

1) Uffizi Florence Plans to Show More Women Artists

A painting by the 16th century artist Suor Plautilla Nelli


The Uffizi Galleries, located in Florence, Italy, have vowed to start showing more female artists. The decision was reached, in part, after the museum’s director spoke to the Guerilla Girls in 2015. Coinciding with International Women’s Day on March 8th, the museum will put on a retrospective exhibition of works by Suor Plautilla Nelli, a 16th-century nun who became known as Florence’s first female renaissance painter. The Uffizi’s director has said that this show will be the first in an “open-ended” series, focusing on female artists from various historic eras.


2) Efforts to Shut Down MAC Fail


A logo for the Mississippi Arts Commission


After a perilous few days, the Mississippi Arts Commission appears to be safe for now. The state grant-funding organization was on the Republican party chopping block. However, the two bills that would have had to pass to defund the organization dissolved in both the Senate and House Appropriations Committees because they failed to even be brought up. For now, the commission plans to focus on proving its worth in the eyes of Republican lawmakers, as there is a small chance the bills could be reconstituted before April.


3) Animation Art is in High Demand 

A production cell and key master background from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves


Recent trends suggest that animation art is experiencing another collecting boom. According to at least one gallery owner, the past five years have brought consistent upticks in the demand for animation art, including hand-painted celluloid frames from popular disney cartoons as well as TV programs such as The Simpsons. Purchases of this type of art were previously thought to have slowed down following a rise in popularity during the 1980’s, however, gallerists now speculate that newer collectors want the works for their nostalgic value.


4) Tattooed New York Opens at New York Historical Society

Tattoos by Virginia Elwood on Noah Michelson, done in 2016


If you’re a fan of tattoo art you might enjoy the New York Times’ coverage of a new tattoo-themed exhibition that opened today at the New York Historical Society. The article provides an interesting look into the history of the art form, including some truly stunning images.


5) The Identity of the Artist Behind Beyoncé's Pregnancy Announcement

A photograph of Beyonce by Awol Erizku


Finally, if you were wondering about the identity of the artist behind Beyonce’s striking pregnancy announcement photo, ARTNews has you covered. The artist is Awol Erizku, who is based in New York and Los Angeles. The colorful flower arrangement that appears behind the singer in the announcement photo appears to be something of a motif for the artist, appearing in a recent exhibition in Los Angeles.


Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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