Lush, Intricate Landscapes by Charles and Lavetta Rhinehart

A painting by Charles RhinehartWho Was Here First, oil on board (Charles Rhinehart)

Missouri-based artists Charles Rhinehart and Lavetta Rhinehart hold studio practices that are inextricably linked. The pair are primarily painters, creating lush, intricate landscapes that echo the other’s style.


A painting of a figure in an abstracted sceneNocturnal Angels


I’m quite impressed by Charles’ fantasy scenes, painted in oil on board. These imagery is something like what you’d see on a vintage movie poster, with figures that overlap, become translucent and blend into deep backgrounds. Figures both human and animal appear in these works, each imbued with a terrific sense of personality. The overlapping forms also make me think of Josef-Peter Roemer’s paintings.


A screen capture of Charles and Lavetta Rhinehart's art websiteThe front page of Charles and Lavetta's art website

Lavetta and Charles’ landscape paintings have a lot in common. Both artists seem to have a particular affinity for trees. Each painting depicts the landscape from an angle that places the viewer directly in the scenery, where the lush, dark foliage sinks into a deeper background.  


A painting of a lush valley in fading lightChappy Valley, oil on board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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