Deeply Saturated Abstract Works by José Fernando Londono

An abstract painting with forms of three thick linesLavender Lines, acrylic paint, molding paste, opaque flakes on canvas

José Fernando Londono was born in Colombia but has spent most of his life in New York. He creates deeply saturated abstract works that seem imbued with great emotion.


An abstract painting expressing the feel of an undersea landscapeThe Depths of The Sea, acrylic, GOLDEN interference paint and soft mat molding paste on canvas


José has been creating art for much of his life, and was recently drawn to it again as a way of working through a difficult period in his life. This period of turmoil helped produce José’s Renancer collection, a series of works that combine an expressionist aesthetic with thick, heavy mixed media application and bright colors. José often seems to favor primary colors, particularly electric and deep shades of blue that provide a back drop for other mark-making.


A screen capture of Jose Fernando Londono's art websiteThe front page of José's website


Recently, José has been creating a series of works on slate. The irregular shape of the stone edges makes for highly expressive artworks that seem to have a fully abstract and almost random existence. These works are beautifully textural and create a great sense of tactility for viewers. 


A painting on a slate stoneNo. 3 in a Series, acrylic on slate with high-gloss finish

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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