Ephemeral Moments: Painting by Anne Popperwell

A painting of a coastal sunsetTrincomali Channel, acrylic on canvas

Anne Popperwell specializes in smooth, airy paintings that offer the viewer a sense of radiant calm. Born in Oakland, California and now based on Saturna Island on the B.C. coast, Anne’s creations capture ephemeral moments of lighting and color in the natural world.


A watercolor painting of a breaking waveBreaking Edges, watercolor


I’m really taken by Anne’s gallery of recent works – the artist seems to have a knack for knowing precisely when a painting is finished, when every element is perfectly combined but not over-worked. Whether Anne is depicting a minimalist seascape or a relatively intricate flower, clean lines and well-blended colors create a wonderfully smooth appearance.


A screen capture of recent works on Anne Popperwell's art websiteAnne's gallery of recent work


Also impressive is the way that the artist seems to effortlessly transition between watercolor and acrylic paint. Though the two media can create very different aesthetics, Anne manages to coax a very similar look out of both of them – in some ways, her watercolor paintings are even more saturated than her acrylic works. Anne’s floral watercolors, too, remind me of the work of Jane Crosby


A painting of a close view of a Dahlia flowerDahlia, acrylic

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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