A Hands-On Approach: Art by Eloise Shelton-Mayo

An oil and wax painting of abstracted shapesTangerine, oil and cold wax with oil stick on cradled board

Virginia-based artist Eloise Shelton-Mayo creates abstract works in mixed media. Favoring encaustic, cold wax and oil paint, Eloise creates layered compositions that express a hands-on approach to artwork.


An encaustic wax artwork of a simple landscapeVista, encaustic, oil pastel, ink and paper


Many of Eloise’s abstract works tend toward subdued colors reminiscent of painting works throughout the early 20th century. Rather than loose, blended brush strokes, Eloise’s brand of abstraction sees each painting almost cut into a pattern of separate forms and masses by heavy dividing lines of pale color.


A screen capture of a gallery on Eloise Shelton-Mayo's art websiteEloise's gallery of cold wax works

Working with high-viscosity materials, the artist layers medium onto a surface in thick, heavy coats, then manipulates the image by cutting and scraping into and through these layers. The resulting works are heavily textured, and remind me a little of the works of Richard Pousette-Dart. I also enjoy seeing Eliose’s experiments with photo collage in her portfolio. These collages are something of a departure from the majority of the artist’s body of work, yet certain parallels in style and imagery become apparent after examination. 


A photo collage with a barber's chairBarber Shop, oil stick, fiber, photo and paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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