Emotionscapes: Watercolor art by Wanda Hawse

A watercolor painting of the interior of a fishing shackFish Shack, watercolor

Wanda Hawse creates incredibly detailed watercolor paintings that she calls “Emotionscapes.” Having lived all over Canada throughout her life, Wanda combines inspiration from 20th-century artists with inspiration drawn from natural landscapes.


A watercolor painting of a winter landscapeFallen, watercolor


I’m quite impressed with the amount of detail that Wanda captures in all of her watercolor paintings. In many cases, the scope of a painting is vast, yet fine moments within each painting capture tiny things like individual tree branches or particular shadows on snow drifts. I particularly love Wanda’s Winterscapes, which are done using primarily blue tones and shadows on white paper, yet capture stunningly realistic scenes.


A screen capture of Wanda Hawse's websitewww.wandahawse.com


On her portfolio website, Wanda also showcases a series of miniatures – tiny watercolor paintings, each no more than a couple of inches wide. These paintings, while naturally a little looser and more  gestural than the landscapes, capture a different facet of Wanda’s practice and function like glimpses into tiny worlds.  


A miniature watercolor depicting a landscapeCoquihalla Spring, matted watercolor

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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