Off-Kilter Figurative Works by Kate Scoones

A painting of numerous objects floating on a surreal backgroundSome things stay, some things go, oil and gouache on panel

Kate Scoones is an artist based in Victoria, BC. Her current body of work consists mainly of painting, with an emphasis on slightly surreal, off-kilter figurative works in oil and gouache.


A painting of a shiny bird-shaped ornamentWill shatter if dropped, oil and gouache on panel

The artist’s painting style has a delicate looseness to it, which I find very inviting. The paintings are never overworked, and Kate seems to emphasize the color and tactility of her subject matter rather than trying to smooth out every detail. Many of Kate’s recent works have an undertone of classical style-life styling, but with objects often floating on ambiguous backgrounds or placed in conjunction with seemingly unrelated figures. The effect is a slightly bizarre but totally fascinating overarching mood that draws in the viewer.


The front page of Kate Scoones' art websiteThe front page of Kate's website


Older works, like the ones we looked at in our previous feature of Kate Scoones' paintings, have a bit more of a narrative bent. These seem to hint at stories and scenes beyond the edges of the artwork, while her more recent pieces are self-contained worlds. 


A painting of a chair in an unfamiliar environmentSigns of life, oil and gouache on panel

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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