Writing, Performance, Installation: Art by Bogdan Cheta

Waiting Alone


Bogdan Cheta is an Alberta-based multidisciplinary artist whose body of work encompasses writing, performance, installation and conceptual thinking. Bogdan is a prolific creator whose portfolio is ever-evolving and difficult to pin down.


A photo of a woman making cologne from flowersCOLOGNE


I love the way Bogdan combines pure artistic experimentation with a sense of academic rigor in his artworks. His works address many different subjects, from introspective explorations of the self, to commentary on sociopolitical issues, Bodgan’s portfolio is densely packed with ideas. The artist is very good at presenting ideas in such a way as to leave a great deal of open-endedness, encouraging the viewer to engage and question the topic, and their own reactions.


A screen capture of Bogdan Cheta's portfolio websiteBogdan's website, www.bogdancheta.com


In our previous feature of Bogdan’s work we looked at his vast installations, collections of beads, lace and feathers that expressed a tangible sense of organized chaos. While his recent works have moved away from the format, Bogdan’s overall aesthetic is still imbued with that sense of messy genius, like an unkempt desktop hiding treasure troves of information. 


An installation by Bogdan ChetaILH // Don't You? (installation view)

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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