Mysterious Figures: Art by Boudewijn Korsmit

A watercolor on paper work of abstractionSonglines 2, watercolor and mixed media on paper

Boudewijn Korsmit is an artist and educator who works primarily in watercolor and mixed media. Boudewijn’s abstract artworks focus on deep pigments and hazy, mysterious figures.


A watercolor painting of a deep blue gradientUntitled


I really love the color palette that Boudewijn tends to work with in his portfolio. The basis for his works is often earthy, warm tones of yellow and brown, a decision that lends to an almost antique look in many of his works. These earth tones are often covered in layers of deep blues or crimson reds, adding a sense of emotion to works that are often completely abstract.


A screen capture of Boudewijn Korsmit's art websiteThe front page of Boudewijn's website


Boudewijn often works in abstracted portraiture, as we saw in our previous feature of his work. Loosely-rendered faces that are often covered by layers of light watercolor washes take on an eerie appearance, like ghostly visages rising out of murky water. In his series of portraits of Dani warriors, Boudewijn creates a great sense of contrast by rendering traditional ornamentation in stark white against the heavy colors that make up the rest of the image. 


A painting of a Dani warrior in watercolorDani Warrior 11, watercolor on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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