Bright Color and Nature Imagery: Art by Claudia Stewart

A mixed media artwork of a crow perched on a golden postUpscale Urban Crow

Claudia Stewart is a painter and mixed media artist who utilizes bright color and nature imagery to create paintings with a rich sense of story. Often combining realistic elements with slightly surreal composition, Claudia works to draw her viewers in to every image.


A mixed media artwork of a tree with symbolic objectsCrow Tree, acrylic, earring, raccoon fur, photo transfer and color paper on board


I especially enjoy the works in Claudia’s mixed-media gallery. In her mixed-media works, the artist often utilizes an almost collage-like sensibility when it comes to the arrangement of objects and figures. In some cases, the collaged look is built up with the use of partially collaged elements. Claudia sometimes uses square and rectangular panels of color to create backgrounds and enclosures of a kind for figures. I find this technique is really effective for breaking up the image and drawing the viewer’s eye across the full canvas.


A screen capture of Claudia Stewart's art websiteThe front page of Claudia's website


Claudia’s acrylic paintings are more streamlined and tend to focus on just one or two central subjects. In a few of these paintings, she creates a pop-art reference point by dividing the image into four panels and recreating a single figure in different color schemes – something like the works of Andy Warhol

A painting of a cat with a fishCat's Fishy Dream, acrylic on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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