The Uncanny In Nature and Myth: Art by Frederica Hall

A painting of a dark cloud nebula in spaceDark Tara, acrylic

Frederica Hall is inspired by the uncanny in nature and myth, creating paintings and other works of art that celebrate forms of otherworldly beauty. Her subject matter ranges from psychedelic introspection to views from outer space.

A painting off the moon in front of the Pleiades constellationMoon Occulting Pleiades, mixed media

Speaking of outer space, I absolutely love Frederica’s series of Outer and Inner Space paintings. Many of these paintings are detailed oil paint renderings of nebulae and distant galaxies that have been captured in telescope photographs. In some works, Frederica takes a measure of artistic license to emphasize visions of humanlike figures and spiritual scenes that create a subtle sense of mythic narrative around a natural phenomenon. Federica’s flowing, well-blended painting style lends itself well to these clouds of light and color in vacuum space. It’s also present in her other, more figure-focused works, and tends to help create a dreamlike aura around people and animals.


The front page of Frederica Hall's art websiteThe front page of Frederica's portfolio website


Frederica also works in photography, performance and poetry, with numerous examples of each available on her portfolio. 


An abstract collage of a mysterious doorwayDoorway, collage

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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