Headlines: Vermeer, Women's Day, Ivanka

1) Wildly Popular Exhibition Causes Chaos at the Louvre

A photograph of crowds lined up to see a Vermeer exhibition at the Louvre


A Vermeer exhibition at the Louvre is causing chaos and upheaval at the French institution. “Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting,” a blockbuster retrospective of works by the Dutch master and his contemporaries, has thus far been marred by the museum’s apparent unpreparedness for unprecedented visitor numbers. According to reports, the first day of the exhibition saw nearly 10,000 visitors lined up to get a look at the works, which were housed in a space with a maximum capacity of just under 300 people. Confusion surrounding presale tickets for specific times have led to museum security threatening a strike if the issues are not resolved.


2) A First Look at Desert X



LA Times art critic Christopher Knight made the trek out to the site of Desert X, to review the new art festival. The artworks, spaced many miles apart and placed within towns and in outdoor spaces, frequently touch on cliches and stereotypes of the desert setting, as well as commenting on the valley’s best known purpose - that of the Coachella music festival. Most of the artworks seem monumental in nature, ranging from wall murals and installations to specially-crafted underground bunkers.


3) Inequality Still A Mainstay of the Art Industry


A photograph of Frances Morris, new director of the Tate Modern 

Wednesday was International Women’s Day, and while many people have been especially attuned issues of gender inequality in light of recent political events, the art world still has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to giving women artists the respect they deserve. Apollo reports several hopeful signs of change including the recent appointment of a number of female directors at high-profile institutions, as well as exhibitions of women artists, but the numbers remain far from equal.


4) An Overview of The Campaign Against Ivanka Trump, Art Collector


Dear Ivanka protestors outside of the Puck Building in New York


As Trump’s presidency wears on, artists, art professionals and art-lovers alike are turning their attentions to Ivanka Trump, who has a notable collection of art. A photo of the first daughter in front of an abstract work by Alex Da Corte led to Da Corte commenting on social media that he was embarrassed to be seen with Ivanka. Numerous other artists whose work has been collected by Trump’s daughter have followed suit, posting comments on images in which their work appears that make it clear that they are embarrassed or outright angry to have their work associated with the family. Predictably, the situation on social media quickly escalated into death threats.



Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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