Moonlove: Art by Tracy Dunbar

A mixed media drawing of an abstract image with a spiderSpider's Web

Tracy Dunbar creates artwork under the moniker Moonlove, using a varied range of media and styles to address emotional disconnect caused by technology and modern living. Often colorful and abstracted, Tracy’s artworks have a feeling of conceptual density and narrative meaning.


A soft-focus painting of some mysterious animal and human figuresTrinity


I enjoy the way that Tracy combines nature imagery with mystical, fairytale figures in a lot of her works. Though her style ranges from almost psychedelic, changing planes of color to black and white line drawings, the sense of spiritual connectedness is a strong vein through most of the artist’s works. Tracy seems to have an affinity for faeries, depicting them as figures in many of her traditional works, and making reference to them in photography and other media.


The front page of Tracy Dunbar's art websiteThe front page of Tracy's website

The artist’s photography gallery features some great examples of landscape and nature photography. Tracy’s eye for light creates images that seem to shimmer in rays of sunlight that hit the lens at a perfect angle to create slightly softened edges, like something out of a dream. 


A photograph of a waterfall in the woodsThe Gorge

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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