Splashy, Panoramic Paintings by Leslie Lemieux

An abstract painting in deep purple and red huesReturn to Stardust, acrylic on gessoed board

Oregon-based artist Leslie Ann Lemieux creates splashy, panoramic paintings that tell a story. Leslie’s abstract paintings also appear on clothing designs.


An abstract painting with heavy, illustrative linesFantasy Dragons, and acrylic and water medias on board


I love the way that Leslie seems to bring a lot of competing elements together into a highly cohesive visual narrative. In many of her paintings, numerous curving, intersecting lines form a sort of horizon that creates a path for their viewer’s eyes to follow across the canvas. Using deep, saturated tones of blue, crimson and yellow, Leslie’s paintings oscillate between looking like depictions of supernovae and of more terrestrial phenomena like the northern lights or a really well-lit mountainous landscape.


The front page of Leslie Ann Lemieux's art websitewww.leslieannlemieux.com


I’m fascinated by the way some of Leslie’s abstract forms seem to almost become figures, at a glance, or under the right viewing circumstances. The way the artist combines heavy, clear lines with undulating planes of color lends her works a highly illustrative nature, with subject matter that seems just tantalizingly out of reach. 


A pencil crayon drawing of a dense forestIn the Light of the Fern, colored pencil on illustration board

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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