Fine Detail and Wild Imagination: Art by David Yawman

A painting of a woman wearing a flowered headdressMorgan, acrylic on cradled wood panel

Painter David Yawman works both in a classically-inspired figurative style, and a more expressionist mode of abstraction. These two different languages of image making sit neatly beside one another in David’s portfolio, creating an interesting tension between fine detail and wild imagination.


An abstract painting of deep, crimson and black tonesLuck Dragon Vs. The Minotaur, acrylic on wood panel


I really enjoy the use of light and shadow in some of David’s most recent works. Figures are pictured sitting in spaces that are mostly obscured in an inky darkness, though the figures themselves seem to sit under spotlights. The overall color scheme in these paintings is warm, and imbues the subjects with a sense of life-like movement and personality.


A screen capture of David Yawman's art websiteDavid's gallery of works on his portfolio website

In his abstract works, David tends to use a far less subdued color palette, creating dazzling compositions that spread across the entire surface of the image. Some of David’s recent abstract works remind me of the portfolio of Luis Pagan, with waves of different pigments crashing together directly on the canvas. 


A close-up portrait of a woman in a dark roomAnn Sophie, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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