A Multitude of Colors: Art by Karine Molloy

An abstract painting with springlike colorsSpring is in the house, acrylic on canvas

Quebec-based artist Karine Molloy creates paintings that blend a multitude of colors and styles on each canvas. Karine’s current paintings serve as an exploration and a celebration of the materiality of paint, with each displaying a great range of experimentation with color and mark-making.


An acrylic painting with abstract forms on a dark backgroundOscar, acrylic on canvas


I really like the recent works from 2016 that Karine has made available on her portfolio website. These works, though certainly busy, seem almost to be a condensed form of some of her older works – though the variety in color and style is vast, the raised, thick layers of paint are smoothed slightly to create an invitingly cohesive surface.


A screen capture from Karine Molloy's art portfolio websiteKarine's 2016 works on her website


Karine, throughout her portfolio, is adept at utilizing negative space, and many of her works are on stark white backgrounds which seem to make the contrasted colors and solid black moments seem even more saturated. Our previous feature on Karine’s frenetic lines showcased such works. 


A painting by Karine MolloyUntitled, mixed media

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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