Astrological Figures: Art by Jesse Bransford

A mixed media artwork by Jesse BransfordSic Itur Ad Astra, acrylic paint, watercolor, and ink on paper

New York-based artist Jesse Bransford creates illustrative images that often feature esoteric concepts and astrological figures, blending splashy, abstracted painting techniques with ruled lines and an almost mathematical sensibility.


A mixed media artwork featuring the outline of a tarot cardThe Door (Atu 18), acrylic paint, watercolor, and graphite on paper


I enjoy the partly minimalist, flatly-colored style that Bransford employs in many of his works. He often seems to select a single base hue and work in different tones of the same color, adding occasional splashes of a complementary hue, like red over blue. The resulting works have a sense of layering that’s also transparent and ripe for the viewer’s unpacking.  


Bransford’s works also function really well as installations. On the occasions when he’s been able to create room-sized wall murals and accompanying sculptures of his work, the results have been profound. The viewer is able to step into that space where science and the occult combine and overlap, producing an experience that is at once spiritual and academic. 


An installation view of two works by Jesse BransfordInstallation view of: Statue a L'Impossible (For C.B.), enamel paint on Durastone and marine plywood column, and Transmission, latex paint and graphite on wall

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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