Headlines: Las Vegas, Street Art, and Rosenquist

1) The Ongoing Battle to Get Las Vegas an Art Museum

A photo of the Smith Center in Las Vegas, 2017


The latest installment in a series of attempts to get a lasting art museum started in Las Vegas is showing promise. Proponents of a pop-up museum in downtown Las Vegas have raised over $2 million to put on a show showcasing contemporary art from Nevada. This show, in partnership with the Nevada Museum of Art, has also received a parcel of land that could potentially become the home of a lasting museum for the city.


2) Amsterdam Will Soon be Home to World's Largest Indoor Street Art Museum 

A warehouse in Amsterdam set to become a new street art museum

Meanwhile, in Amsterdam, curator Peter Ernst Coolen has plans to turn a massive warehouse space into the world’s largest museum exclusively devoted to street art. While Amsterdam technically already has a Street Art Museum, it isn’t housed in a single location. Coolen hopes to change the game by showcasing graffiti, murals, and other large-scale street artworks in a warehouse space that is set to open next year. Some of the planned works will reportedly be designed and realized specifically for the space, while others may be moved from their more temporary outdoor locations.


3) Denver Cites Economic Reasons to Keep NEA 

A still from a Phamaly theater production of It's a Wonderful Life in Denver

In the ongoing battle against Trump’s threats to de-fund the NEA, the city of Denver, Colorado has stepped in to say its own piece about how cutting the funding organization would “make arts impossible.” Among the points raised in the piece is the fact that removing the NEA would negatively impact nearly 140,000 jobs that generates several billion dollars in revenue for both workers and the state in 2015. Colorado is currently the state with the most adults who claim to participate in the arts in some way, and could be among the most severely affected if this element of the new budget is passed.


4) James Rosenquist Dies at 83

A photo of James Rosenquist's Sitting Around Screaming

Renowned pop artist James Rosenquist passed away at the age of 83 last week. This obituary provides an interesting overview of the artist’s career, from his humble beginnings as a disillusioned billboard painter to his rise into the ranks of pop-art history. Rosenquist, well-known for his massive, wall-spanning paintings that drew from the perfectionist imagery of American advertisements in the 1950’s and 60’s, was a contemporary of the likes of Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg.

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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