Organic Aura: Artworks by Bernard Dick

A mixed media artwork of some European architectureEutopia, giclee print of pastel and acrylic painting on Hahn German Etching watercolor paper

Bernard Dick’s paintings are packed with movement and color. The Rochester, NY-based artist rarely seems to paint a straight line, leading to works that have a warm, organic aura and a great sense of narrative.


A digital painting of a town in BurgundyTown in Burgundy, giclee print of digital painting


Bernard creates many of his works using a technique that combines traditional and visual modes of painting. By uploading a photograph or a rough sketch into a digital editing program, the artist layers digital painting over top of the original to create the appearance of a loose, gestural painting. As a result, the artist’s portfolio is filled with varied examples of different painting subjects, from human figures, to nature, to architecture.


The front page of Bernard Dick's art websiteBernard's art website


This technique of digital painting lends itself well to Bernard’s religious paintings, giving them a lighter, slightly soft-focus aesthetic that seems to speak of religious epiphany. In some cases, Bernard uses his technique to layer multiple images into tableaux of related figures and architectural forms. These images invite the viewer to uncover the story behind the various figures. 


A digital painting of religious and church elementsVespers, giclee print of a digital painting

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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