Distortion in Realism: Art by David Neace

A painting of some trees reflected in still waterSpirit of the Woods, colored pencil

David Neace is a self-taught artist who has worked in a variety of artistic fields including printmaking, cartography, and cosmetology. David’s current body of work encompasses a range of media through which the artist captures moments of distortion in realism.


A mixed media artwork depicting a train in a fantasy sceneJourney Through the Mists of Time, colored pencil and ink


I really love the smooth, clean style that David employs in his works. The artist has a flair for realistic detail and often employs these skills painting classic cars, trains, and other metal machinery. On the other end of the spectrum, David’s portfolio also features works on more esoteric subjects, in which he blends his eye for realism with dreamlike imagery, wild colors and surrealist juxtapositions.


The gallery of acrylic paintings on David Neace's art websiteDavid's gallery of acrylic paintings


David’s acrylic painting gallery really showcases the artist’s range of painting abilities. The works in this gallery tend more toward the surreal, with sky and outer space scenes featuring frequently. I enjoy the blend of stark lines and negative space with highly saturated moments of color. Each acrylic painting is imbued with a sense of theatrics that makes it impossible to ignore. 


An acrylic painting of an outer space settingCradle of Worlds

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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