Impressionistic Brush Marks: Art by Michael Louis Johnson

A painting of a city by Michael Louis JohnsonUntitled

Michael Louis Johnson was born in Flushing, and is still based in New York today. Michael paints in a loose style using a slightly subdued color palette. Large, impressionistic brush marks and warm, earthy tones make up many of the artist’s recent works.


A painting of a meadow scene in loose brush workUntitled


Each painting in Michael’s gallery of recent paintings and drawings seems to describe an everyday scene viewed through a soft focus filter, like a fading memory. Looking at these painting is somehow calming, though throughout the gallery Michael demonstrates great skill with rendering objects, buildings and scenes, paring them down to only the shapes and colors necessary to suggest each form.


A screen capture of Michael Louis Johnson's art websiteMichael's portfolio website at


The artist’s older works tend to utilize darker color and heavier lines, with abstraction and experimentation featuring more prominently. There’s even the occasional collage in this gallery. Michael’s older paintings remind me a bit of the intensely textured works of Richard Pousette-Dart, where the painting itself seems to become a sculptural object.


An abstract painting made with dark, heavy paint linesUntitled

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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