Textural Aesthetics: Art by Danielle Bobier

An abstract wall-installation made from specifically cut plywood squares3013.2604, CNC-routed fir plywood in 32 panels

Vancouver-based artist Danielle Bobier uses printmaking, painting, and installation art techniques to explore textural aesthetics. Danielle’s works are very self-contained, often taking a subdued yet deeply conceptual approach to aesthetics.


A print with a strip of gold leafUntitled

Danielle’s works, though often made with mixed-media and painted media, seem to reference the style and tone of printmaking. There’s a visible focus on texture, with hard color transitions and a feeling of ideas that are being hinted at, though left slightly unfinished for a viewer to fill in the blanks.


A screen capture of the front page of Danielle Bobier's art websiteDanielle's art portfolio website, www.daniellebobier.com


I find a meditative, almost Zen-like quality to a lot of Danielle’s works. They are quiet and minimalist yet seem to convey a great deal of information and even emotion. In her titles, Danielle tends to reveal a new layer of meaning, sometimes referencing signals, satellites and scientific concepts, and at other times waxing poetic. The small selection of figurative works in the artist’s portfolio also showcases this introspective side of the artist’s practice.


An abstract print with blue and black tonesObservatory

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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