Inspired by Mathematics: Art by Hauson

A psychedelic painting by HausonCircularium, acrylic on canvas

Richard Robertson paints under the moniker Hauson. Originally from Sedona, Arizona, Hauson now resides in Durango, Colorado where he creates works that inspired by mathematics, filtered through a lens of abstraction and expressionism.


An abstract geometric painting with many colorful blocksCity Light, acrylic on canvas


Hauson’s recent works are wonderful examples of hard geometric abstraction, drawing clear inspiration from Op-art and its masters. Many of Hauson’s paintings are reminiscent of Bridget Riley’s later, color-packed canvases. In fact, each of Hauson’s paintings seems almost to function as a crash course in color theory, with overlapping panels, planes and shapes that often change hue depending on what is layered beneath.


A screen capture of Hauson's portfolio website front pageThe front page of Hauson's portfolio website


The artist’s works are very complex with incredibly detailed patterns. It’s hard to find a single line out of place – these are the kind of paintings that one could get lost in, whether during production or in viewing. Hauson also showcases some commissioned figurative works on his portfolio website. These are an interesting departure from his personal works, and showcase the way his color theory functions in other painting realms. 


A painting of a flock of colorful birds taking flightLifting Off, acrylic on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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