Smooth, Old-World Style: Art by Nicholas Esch

An oil painting of a young boyLuka, 2013, oil on linen

Nicholas Esch is originally from London and is now based in West Somerset. The artist has a background in restoration and decorative painting, with works ranging from hand-painted wallpaper to trompe l’oeil on walls. Nicholas keeps a personal portfolio full of oil paintings in a smooth, old-world style.


An oil painting of an artichoke in a metal containerArtichoke 1, 2011, oil on canvas


I love looking through the different galleries in Nicholas’ portfolio – his portrait gallery features examples of classical portraiture, done in an almost romantic, smoothly blended style. The human subjects in his portrait gallery wear modern dress, and range in age from older adults to children, yet all are suffused with the type of posture and class that one would expect from royal portraiture of centuries past.


A screen capture of Nicholas Esch's art websiteNicholas' portfolio website,


Nicholas’ still life paintings pay equal homage to past painting practices. The subject matter - bowls, plates, occasionally fruits and vegetables – are interesting in their vagueness. One is hard-pressed to find markers of a particular time period in these works, leading to a sense of timelessness.  


A painting of a middle-aged woman in a realistic styleEliza 2009, oil on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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