Growth and Spiritual Empowerment: Art by Jeanne Lloyd

A painting of a goddess with bright yellow huesWe Come in Peace

Jeanne Lloyd is a painter who creates works focused on personal growth and spiritual empowerment. Her paintings are bright, colorful and often full of illustrative movement and a sense of reverence for nature.


A painting of a flat leaf with a facePlantLove, acrylic with jewels on canvas 


Jeanne often draws on mythology, combined with her own personal experiences and introspective observations, as inspiration for her works. The way the artist paints seems to enforce the idea that each subject is more of a metaphorical being than physical – for example, in her Spirits of Nature gallery, concepts of natural phenomena are often represented with stylized human figures.


A screen capture of Jeanne Lloyd's artist websiteThe front page of Jeanne's portfolio website


The artist’s portfolio showcases a really wild imagination, with imagery from known, popular myths and from the artist’s own imagination. I find her Steampunk paintings quite interesting as well, and the Jeanne’s way of incorporating various metallic gears and cogs into the painted surface makes for a very tactile viewing experience. 


A painting of a fairy made from steampunk gearsSteampunk Fae Running From Spider

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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