Inspired by Nature: Art by Brónagh Corr

A public artwork by Bronagh CorrOrgan Donation Memorial, Enniskillen 

Brónagh Corr is an artist from Northern Ireland who creates works inspired by history in multiple media. Brónagh’s portfolio showcases photography, wall art, and public art, as well as collaborative efforts.


A photo recreation of an old Hollywood filmThe Quiet Man, photograph

Brónagh works as an independent artist as well as with the art collective Collaborative Arts and Kinetic Environments (CAAKE.) The collective has recently created works in film, along with a residency in a rural area of the Sperrin Mountains. Brónagh has also recently created a public artwork commemorating organ donors – the work takes inspiration from a cloudscape, adding feather details and a bright lighting scheme.


A screen capture of Bronagh Corr's art websiteA screen capture of Bronagh Corr's art website,


I really enjoy Brónagh’s photography series, Hollywood: The Remake. These images reinforce the notion of the artist’s reverence for times past. Brónagh’s photographic work ranges from deliberately desaturated, like her Hollywood images, to photographs of natural phenomenon ranging from earthy rust to brightly color leaves and berries.


A photo of some small orange flowersOrange Flowers

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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