Expressions of Organic Form: Digital Art by Kevin McLaughlin

A painting by Kevin McLaughlinBalloon Animals, acrylic on canvas

Digital and traditional artist Kevin McLaughlin utilizes an interesting technique that focuses on distilled expressions of organic form. Kevin’s works are colorful and have an almost alien appearance that entices the viewer with a convoluted, layered story.


A digital artwork with layered cylindrical formsWonton Abandon, digital composition


In his traditional works, Kevin covers a canvas in undulating, cylindrical forms like numerous tentacles twisting together (though on closer inspection one might suspect that it was a single form snaking back over itself.) The overlapping three-dimensional abstraction provides space for color changes and experiments with lighting and composition.


A screen capture of Kevin McLaughlin's art websiteThe front page of Kevin's art website


I really enjoy Kevin’s digital works: they seem to bridge the gap between organic and futuristic. In these works, Kevin seems to hint at a unified form, but breaks it up into layers and planes, making it seem as though the form exists in several dimensions at once. Some of these digital works remind me of those by Douglas Zest, with their cerebral, scientific yet highly abstracted aesthetic.


A digital composition by Kevin McLaughlinBlue Rows I, digital composition on canvas

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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