Intriguingly Hermetic Illustrations by Laurey Foulkes

A painting of a figure in the woods with large birdsThrough the Fleeting Woods, oil on masonite


Laurey Foulkes, is an artist and illustrator who grew up in Los Angeles and continues to reside in California. With a background in animation and drawing, Laurey has maintained an active artistic practice for most of her life, creating intriguingly hermetic illustrations and paintings.


An image of strange creatures drawing electricity from a lightbulbUntitled


Most of Laurey’s images are imbued with a sense of isolation or quiet contemplation – there’s almost a vague sense of loneliness that becomes relatable and quite beautiful with viewing. The artist often paints with a subdued color palette, or mixes subdued elements with lots of deep blues and fiery ornages and crimsons. The result is images that seem to float in and out of clarity, like hazy memories or dreams.


A screen capture of Laurey Foulkes' art websiteThe front page of Laurey's portfolio website


In some cases Laurey does seem to draw inspiration from dreams. Her drawing gallery, for example is full of landscapes that seem like they could almost be real save for occasional small details that break the illusion. 


A charcoal drawing of a path running through a grasslandHilly Path, charcoal on paper

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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