Free Spirit Designs: Art by Maday Delgado

A quilting project with a black and white geometric patternNews are not News

Maday Delgado is a textile artist and art educator. The artist creates custom quilt art with a focus on sustainability and learning. Through the studio Free Spirit Designs, Maday helps teach others how to create beautiful objects and long-lasting keepsakes.


A quilting project by Maday DelgadoReatreat Design (wall hanging) - Nancy's Notion Store, Beaver


Maday creates quilts with a contemporary look, showcasing neat abstract geometric patterns that put a new spin on the classic quilting style of sewing together a series of similarly-sized squares. Sometimes Maday uses these irregular polygon-shaped fabric strips to create simplified images over the surface of the quilt, offering a unique viewing experience when the quilt is held up or hung on a wall.


A screen capture of the front page of Maday Delgado's Free Spirit Designs websiteMaday's studio website


The artist also hosts workshops in her studio space, where participants get to paint quilt-like patterns onto wood boards. The way Maday bridges the gap between a traditional craft such as quilting, and contemporary art forms, reminds me of fellow quilter Pat Autenrieth


A photo of a workshop of quilt paintingsThe results of one of Maday's barn quilt workshops

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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