Sharp, Colorful Images by Dawn Herlihy Reilly

A photograph of the night sky over a still body of waterAsseteague & Mars, photograph

Dawn Herlihy Reilly is a photographer based in New York State. Dawn has been creating photographs since she was a child, and her current body of work showcases sharp, colorful images of landscapes, florals and human subjects.


A long-exposure photo of stars moving in the night skyStar Trail 2, photograph


I really love Dawn’s Night Sky images – these landscapes are impressive, providing sweeping and expansive, yet crisp images of darkened, starry skies as well as sunsets. Viewing this selection of works is an enthralling experience. Dawn manages to capture the mystery and intrigue of nighttime over areas of wilderness while still making the landscape seem somehow welcoming. In some images, she opts to capture a single moment in time, while in others the photographer seems bent on fitting an entire evening into a single frame, using long exposure techniques to show the transit of stars around the sky over the course of a night.


A gallery of floral photos on Dawn Herlihy Reilly's art portfolioDawn's gallery of floral photos


I also enjoy Dawn’s Adventures in Analog – particularly the ones of Paris and the Eifel Tower. They give the impression of old photographs, borrowing aesthetic from early Daguerreotypes. 


An analogue photograph of the Notre Dame cathedralNotre Dame I, analogue photograph

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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