Vivid, Psychedelic Dreamscapes: Art by Android Jones

A digital artwork depicting a male figure hidden in thick layers of colorGabrieal


Android Jones is a digital artist who translates vivid, psychedelic dreamscapes into highly detailed artworks. Jones combines skillful realism with a mathematical eye for color and pattern, creating images that explore the boundaries of imagination.

A digital artwork of a tiger running through a fractal landscapeSwallow Tail


I really love the way Jones combines intricate fractals with representational imagery and figures. More of than not, the artist’s works deal with spiritual and esoteric subject matter. I find that Jones’ frequent use of human figures is at once a grounding force, tying these images to reality, and a way of expanding the viewer’s horizons by creating a visual guide to the spiritual. The artist never shies away from color, utilizing a bright, highly saturated palette in almost all of his works.


In some cases, Jones’ use of color seems indicative of the emotions that imbue each work. In his Art of Love gallery, for example, digital portraits of couple embracing are embellished with wild electronic patterns that spill out of the figures, hinting at a deeper intellectual connection. For more detailed digital art check out the portfolio of Rik Oostenbroek.


A digital artwork of a couple drawn from burning structuresEmbrace

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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