Studio Sunday: Agnes Varda

A photograph of Agnes Varda in her studio


This week, let’s take a look inside the studio of Agnes Varda. Varda was born in Belgium but has spent the majority of her artistic career based in France. As a film director, photographer, and sometimes-installation artist, Varda has made a name for herself using her artworks to create social and feminist commentary on a variety of issues.


This is an older photograph of Varda’s studio, and it appears to be set up to accommodate photographic, or perhaps studio filming activities. Behind the artist there are at least two studio-style lighting apparatuses. Varda herself seems to be in the middle of setting up a very antique-style camera. I wonder what she’ll end up shooting on it.


The nature of the artist’s work lends itself to the very clean space that is pictured here. There probably wouldn’t have been much painting or drawing going on in the studio, with Varda often venturing out into public to record her videos or take photos. Still, there are visible indications that this is a well-used space, like the rocking chair in the far corner, and the two tables – one on either side of the artist – one of which looks like it holds a number of film cannisters.


The space itself reminds me a little of the studio of Barbara Kruger – though the photo of Varda’s studio above was likely taken earlier, the spaces have similar light levels, and are similarly furnished with simple, clean elements.


Varda is a respected figure in French cinema, and is often associated with the French New Wave film movement (or, Nouvelle Vague), which centered in particular on art films produced in the 1950s and 60s. 

[image source]

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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