Color-Blocked Acrylic Paintings by Terry Lee Crump

A painting of an exotic bird by Terry Lee CrumpOmega III, Nature Study, acrylic on canvas

Terry Lee Crump is an artist based in Houston, Texas. Terry’s current body of work is focused on splashy, color-blocked acrylic paintings. The artist’s works often utilize figures and still-life imagery, elevating these subjects to a dreamlike, psychedelic state by the amorphous planes of color that cover each image.


A painting covered in wheels of layered color

Omega II, acrylic on canvas


Though Terry’s use of color is quite wild there still seems to be a clear delineation between each block of color. This creates the rather enjoyable impression that each image is built up from a collection of side-by-side brush strokes, rather than being layered upon the canvas. Each of Terry’s works functions almost like a jigsaw puzzle, made from numerous differently-painted pieces. Under these color choices, hard, consistent line art stabilizes and tethers each picture.


The front page of Terry Lee Crump's art websiteThe front  page of Terry's website


In Terry’s commissioned works, logos and commercial material factor into the same visual language. The artist’s work lends itself well to commercial uses, boldly attracting attention while still offering a sense of subtlety and differing interpretation for each individual viewer. 

A commercial painting by Terry Lee CrumpAstrodome (2), commissioned painting

Written by: Dallas Jeffs
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